More from our friends at BEA: Pictures from the book signing

Whoo hoo! What fun to open up my e-mail and see another update from WordsWithGrace, this time providing photos taken by the fabulous Ann G. for all of us to enjoy. Thanks, ladies!

When the real Stephen is unavailable, fans make do. One of them gets close to “Stephen” at BEA here.
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A smile like that on a Saturday morning? Impressive. I wonder what it was in response to . . .
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Our hero and photographer Ann G. gave Stephen the button (visible in the photo below), which Stephen loved and wore for the rest of the signing. It says “Librarians are hiding something” (as Wikipedia has warned us all). Ha ha!
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That grin could light up a room. Great emceeing, Dr. Colbert.
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Thanks so very much for sharing your excellent updates, ladies!


  1. Hey! WWG! Was that YOU asking the question about the guests?!

    And I have GOT to get me one of those cutouts for the window in my loft!

    p.s. – Calico beard!

  2. Oh hey, I’m a hero AND fabulous. Thanks, Ms.Interpreted! (IRL I’m neither one of those things, just a pest with a digital camera!)

    Stephen also posed with the cardboard cutout version of himself just before he left, but sadly I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to capture it. Too bad, that would’ve been a great picture!

  3. @AnnG:

    Here’s hoping that “‘Stephen’s’ friend Stephen” shows up on the AP wire.

  4. Ms Interpreted says:

    Oh hey, I’m a hero AND fabulous. Thanks, Ms.Interpreted! (IRL I’m neither one of those things, just a pest with a digital camera!)

    Ann, believe me, it was both heroic and fabulous. And, as others can attest, my own “skills” with the digital camera are such that even pointing and shooting is often beyond the range of my abilities. Great pics!

  5. @DB #1:

    Hey, DB. Having just watched myself on Meow House’s wonderful video (a bazillion thanks, Hero!!) to see what it actually looked like — yes, I’ll own that! That was me (eventually) asking Stephen how he chooses his guests, right after Self-Promoting, Korean-Video-Loving Sunglasses Woman. LOL.

    The only thing that could have possibly gone better was if I’d said I was from NoFactZone, so the blog would get a mention on BookTV! Which I would surely have done had I known what Stephen thinks of NFZ … which I do now … and I’ve got it in WRITING! (that’s a tease for *you*!)


    A tease?!?!?!

    I can’t handle it.

  7. Gaia Faye says:

    Oh, the suspense!

    I was wondering why on earth that guy in the background in the first pic was smiling for the camera too, until I realized it was just a poster of Nicholas Sparks.

  8. Oh, WWG, that was such a wonderful question, too, deserving of the thoughtful response Stephen gave it. You were so collected and together. Most of the other questioners had me cringing a bit, though none more than Sunglasses.

  9. @Gaia Faye:

    I had the same reaction to that guy in the background, and I took the freakin’ picture. How sad is that?

    CardboardCutoutStephen was a great idea. He was quite popular.

  10. Murasaki says:

    Congrats, wordswithgrace, on being the only person to ask Stephen a decent question. Colbert Nation represent! :D

    On a side note, Stephen looks like a crazed serial killer in that second picture.

  11. Way to go WWG for asking a great question and making Stephen groan about his tielessness. ;D

    I agree that some of the other questioners were rather creepy, esp. Ms. Korean sunglasses. That must be hard to deal with at 8 in the morning.

  12. Great report, and nice pics, which brings me to this totally OT comment:

    The last pic. Remove the glasses, ruffle the hair, put a cane in hs hand, and what do you have…?

    Tell me I’m wrong? :)

  13. Oh that last one is so odd and wonderful xD

    But I agree with everybody when I say Sunglasses lady was really creepy -shudder-.

  14. Aw thanks you guys! You know what? It kinda made me feel empowered!

  15. @ Annie–

    I love that last pic, because it was the only one I got where he was looking at me. All I did was say his name, and he looked up and gave me that face. It was great.

  16. VerdureVision says:

    Your question and the way you handled yourself (so much poise) were both wonderful–way to go! I laughed out loud when you dinged Stephen about not wearing a tie. Perfect! :-D

    (And please add my vote to the throng of folks who were quietly cringing and/or solidly creeped out by Sunglasses Woman…yikes. =:-o)

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