Colbert at BookExpoAmerica – THE VIDEOS!

Everybody say a HUGE collective Thank You to friend of the blog MeowHouse in putting these videos on Daily Motion!

Part I

Part II

EDITED TO ADD: We didn’t want to “out” her before, but we’ve gotten permission to let you all in on the secret. That was No Fact Zone’s very own Sherri, a.k.a. WordsWithGrace, asking Stephen about his guests and his lack of tie during the Q & A (right after Self-Promoting Sunglasses Woman). To echo a certain Mr. Jon Stewart, “We’ve never been prouder of [her].” Way to go! – Ms I


  1. Thanks for the NFZ bump! The real credit goes to Stephen, of course, and to BookTV on C-SPAN2, from whom I got the video.

  2. Thanks for the videos! For someone without BookTV or CSPAN-2, or whatever channel it actually aired on, I really appreciate it!

  3. Oh my F&*K, that was wonderful. Thank you so much!


    I’m sorry. I just can’t get over how cute Stephen looked whilst trying to find the people asking the questions.

  5. imoldfashioned says:

    Thanks so much for posting these–great to see them. Also, on a purely fangirlish note, Stephen looks pretty swoony with the stubble.

  6. Gaia Faye says:

    Hooray, Meow House! :D Thanks.

    I totally forgot about this! Just more proof of how horrible life would be without NFZ.

  7. Thanks, MeowHouse! Your editing is great (and not just on this. I grabbed Singin’ in Korean while I was over at Daily Motion!). I watched the BEA breakfast, I taped it, I watched it again. And again. But there’s nothing like having it at the computer with the rest of the collection. As to the stubble, love the novelty, but the look? “I don’t know. Give it some time.”

  8. Amazing! Thanks for posting this. It was really great to see the split between Stephen and “Stephen” especially with regard to him introducing himself by video. Also WWG, you had a great question/comment!

  9. I was a little disappointed at some of the questions. WWG’s was fine, but I wish the others had taken the opportunity to ask serious legitimate questions that didn’t focus on Stephen’s you-know-what. I suppose he was asking for it a little. And, it’s possible that people did not have time to read and fully appreciate the hilarity that is the blad: I would have been asking questions about that, not if he was planning to carry through on his “promise” to put out. I also was under the impression that the Q&A was supposed to be “his” – no? Was it intended to be for the whole panel?

    Anyway, you’re welcome everyone, and thanks again to Stephen, BookTV, C-SPAN2, and NFZ.

  10. @Meow:

    1. I too was (very) disappointed in the questions. I’d been expecting questions at the level of those at Harvard from these 1,300 adult book-industry professionals. I waited to see what people would ask, and only when I became totally appalled did I jump in.

    Possibly relevant: These breakfasts don’t usually have a Q&A (Stephen added that feature to this one), so people wouldn’t have known they were going to be able to ask him Q’s till he said so right there. (Unless they read NFZ, of course.)

    2. The blad was on all the tables at the breakfast, but people didn’t have any time to read it right then. Of course, I had gotten it from the Grand Central booth the day before (OK, at 9am) and read it that night, but only it-getters/NFZ readers would have known it was there.

    3. Stephen clearly intended the Q&A to be only for him, but those not familiar w/the self-centered nature of the character just didn’t get that. They didn’t pick up on his signals and insisted on treating it as a normal Q&A, where you can ask Q’s of anyone. They seemed to have no idea why the it-getting part of the audience was groaning or laughing, sigh!

  11. @Lacka.:

    Thanks for the compliment on my question! To evoke that cascade of words from Stephen was a very cool moment for me.

  12. Hey WWG–

    I’d like to add to the compliments and thanks to you for your interesting question and your poise while delivering it. Most other questions were making my eyeballs bleed.

    His answer was peachy; however, I wish he’d answered your direct question a bit more directly at some point. Is it your impression that, indirectly, he was saying –I don’t have anything to do with booking guests: my involvement with the guests begins when my booker hands me a list– ?

    One more question: what was he signing at the booth? Some of the infamous *blads*?

    BTW, it looked like some of my co-workers were sitting close to “Sunglasses,” aka “Shameless Self-promoter.” I can’t wait to ask them what THAT was all about.

  13. Unwords says:

    @ Cheri – by all means, please inquire from your co-workers; that question was particularly cringeworthy.

    @ wordswithgrace, your demand for a tie and the question about the booking process were really great in themselves, but really stood out among those particular questions. :) But maybe the confusion about the Q&A in general also came from the fact that Stephen made a distinction with that video, so it seemed that he was there as purely himself, not as ‘Stephen’ who could not make it? Although perhaps it was partly also because it was 8am, and other people were also hemorrhaging from their eyeballs.

    @ MeowHouse: I also would like to thank you profusely for uploading these videos. Huge props!

    On a fangirlish note: Oh, Stephen, so delectable with your Very Distinguished Indeed stubble and topmost button open shirt.

  14. AlaskaRavenclaw says:

    In re shameless self-promoting sunglasses woman– no fair, lady! I’m a real author for a real publisher. Stephen’s gotta interview me first, even if I don’t regularly watch him singing in Korean.

  15. Haha you guys, this is really fun.

    On reflection, I do like one thing about Sunglasses’ question — the puppydog look that Ken Burns gives Stephen as she begins “Oh, Dr. Colbert…”

    @unwords: I think definitely some of the unsharpness of many parties could be attributed to the 8am time. It’s a crazy thing that BEA does — Rosie O’Donnell and Ben Karlin, who were part of Sunday’s Author Breakfast, also at 8am, both made similar hilarious comments about the ungodly time. (I’ll be summarizing Ben’s charming appearance soon here.) Interesting that only the comedians complained.

    @Cheri: Yes, it did sound to me like he was saying that someone (his booker, I assume) gives him a list of potential guests, and he goes through and picks the ones he (his character) wants. Makes sense that he delegates that task, he’s got enough to do.

    And yes, he signed the blads.

  16. Hard Done By says:

    wordswithgrace you are too cute!!!
    What do you look like without the shades?

  17. @Hard:

    Sorry Hard, I’m the next questioner after Ms. Sunglasses!

  18. Okay, if anyone’s still watching this thread….

    Turns out my co-workers were actually at the same table with Leopard Print.

    They said she’d arrived directly before things got started, so there’d been no time for preliminary chatter/warning of what was to come. They also report that after the fact she demonstrated no shame. “Shameless self-promotion” indeed.

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