He’s singin’ in Korean! – Colbert vs Rain Video


Here’s a link to the post of Rain’s visit to the Colbert Report on Monday, May 5, 2008.

Video and Screencap Pictures of Rain and Stephen Colbert’s Dance-Off on ‘The Colbert Report’

We’ll get to the Episode Guide here shortly, but until then, here’s Stephen Colbert’s attack on Korean singer Rain, featuring Stephen, well, singing in Korean in a nutshell.

And which video wins – “He’s Singin’ In Korean” or “Charlene (I’m Right Behind You)“? Or is it too hard to pick?


  1. Singin’ in Korean is made of win. Much better than Charlene. (I’m really not a huge fan of his Charlene look; it must be bad flashbacks to my own hideous 80s wardrobe.) Oh … uh you mean the actual singing? Well he gets mad props for learning yet another languague even if only a few words. It’s going on my iPod and Charlene has not been granted that stupendous honor yet even after all this time. ;-)

  2. This was absolute genius. I watched last night mouth agape and laughter just bubbling up from inside. He is my hero.

  3. Hysterical! He’s got a great ear for languages that wonderfully sexy goofball.


    It’s pretty tough. But it sure is giving “Charlene” a run for its money!

  5. Mmm, Charlene wins. But this was wonderful too.

  6. VerdureVision says:

    Yep, it’s Charlene for me, too. I just like the tune better, and I enjoy the way Stephen sings it. Though Singin’ in Korean has MUCH hotter dance moves… ;-)

  7. EvilDevil says:

    I am Korean, dont speak the language much, but I can tell you this… his korean is not half bad (thought it could use some improvement).

  8. Barbara says:

    No comparison with Charlene. He is so HOT!

  9. Colbert is instantly famous now in asia. Nobody knew who Steven Cobert was until this. I guess this guy is pretty smart, catching on the Rain’s fame.

  10. @Tae

    And the same can be said about Rain for Americans. :)

  11. That’s true.

  12. Lucy lu –
    If you never heard of Stephen Colbert before then you would not know that he is making fun of people who act this way – not making fun of Rain. Singing in Korean does not mean that he is making fun of Korean.If that were the joke here then it would not be funny.

    One reason it was funny was because he, an American, knew nothing about Korea except Hyundai, Kim Chi, and characters from a US TV show based in Korea. He was making fun of American’s ignorance of Korea.

    I’m so sorry that some people internationally are taking Stephen’s ‘jealousy’ seriously – really, this is a character he plays to make fun of the ‘blow hards’ and ignorant TV personalities that we find here all the time. Try to watch it knowing that he is making fun of all those Americans you think are very immature and you will, hopefully, enjoy it more.

  13. @Jennie:

    I removed Lucy Lu’s comment (See FAQ #8) but thought your comment answered quite a few questions I’ve seen, so I left it up.

    I’ve been getting a handful of anti-Colbert rants in the comments that I just delete. Apparently some Rain fans can’t appreciate a good parody/homage when they see it. Which is Ok. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to allow hateful comments on the blog. :)


    Thanks, DB. We appreciate it.

    There’s no room here for any anti-Colbert comments. Especially when there’s so much hottness to comment on.


  15. I’m from Korea, and I was pretty impressed by his pronunciation! It is pretty good!!
    Sorry Charlene, but Colbert definitely wins!!

  16. I loved it. I am Korean-American and thought it was really funny. I laughed and watched it several times. I loved it. It was very American and funny.

  17. I love this clip, I’ve watched it countless times now and it never fails to make me laugh!

  18. Thomas Park says:

    I am Korean living in Seoul, and my coworkers and I enjoyed it a lot, laughing our heads off.
    A Korean news article said that Colbert made fun of ‘Rain’ and it hurt feelings of
    some ‘Rain fans’. But I understand it is simply one of ‘common’ American style jokes.

  19. Fantastic, hilarious, I watched Stephen’s “Singing in Korean” many many times. Any time I watch it, I can’t stop laughing..Stephen Colbert is brilliant…If he has his song album out, I WILL BUY it and have everybody I know to buy it….WE LOVE YOU MR. STEPHEN C

  20. chuckiecheese says:

    I just saw this video clip. It is very amusing. Being a Korean American and having lived in the States for the last 25 years I am far removed from the current Korean pop singers and pop culture; but I did hear of ‘Bee’ (Rain) in some entertainment news articles.

    However, after seeing this Colbert ‘popularity challenge’ to Rain, I got to re-think Rain. Remember that Colbert made ‘fun’ of the sitting president, G.W.Bush in the 2006 White House Press Dinner, in front of that very person and in front of a multitude of guests. This Colbert’s clip on Rain, I see it as a great honor for Rain and as a sort of ‘official acknowledgement’ of Rain’s international stature. If anyone gets ‘made fun of’ by Colbert, he or she had just made a quantum jump in his/her career, or something like that.

  21. Almighty says:

    Colbert refers to that “quantum jump” as the Colbert Bump. I think he also refers to it when he mentions himself not getting on Time 100’s list for this year.

  22. Rain can’t come to US because his “name” or the English translation of it has been trademarked by a Beatles Tribute Act out of Nevada for 30 years. The US Rain (Go USA!!!) is suing Korean “Rain” because of trademark infringement and his US tour is on the verge of being cancelled because he never bothered to check and see if he could use the name, and now every ticket, every poster, etc. is another infraction…
    Perhaps he should change his name to Rayne or Raen or Reign…

  23. I didn’t actually believe that Rain would come on the Colbert report but I practically jumping up and down when he did. The dance off was hilarious Rain is such a good dancer and Colbert did pretty well too.I think because Rain was on the Colbert report he will more famous because I never heard of him before the ‘feud’. I think its pretty cool that Colbert keeps up with Korean pop culture.

  24. i love it.i know some korean words so i love the song..it makes me laugh..thank you.. rain

  25. Omg, this was hilarious!! I’m Korean and I like some of Rain’s songs, but this had me rolling. Stephen Colbert rocks! (@Jennie: I actually think he was poking some fun at Rain’s style which was why it was funny!)

    Seriously, Rain’s name pops out of nowhere and I’m not sure the majority of americans have even heard of him, so Colbert mimicking Rain’s style and using his song beat to poke fun at how another country’s very young R&B star could outrank him was hilarious.

  26. HAHAHAHA this parody of Rain’s “How to Advoid the Sun” is HILARIOUS! I’m a fan of Rain and I think Colbert captured some typical Korean pop-star poses and etc quite well.

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