To paraphrase Jane Fonda, “We like you, too, Colbert”

This caught my eye earlier today, and the timing seemed fortuitous, given that Jane Fonda will be making her second appearance on tonight’s Colbert Report.

As we previously reported here at the No Fact Zone, Jessica Valenti (of and author of Full Frontal Feminism) is scheduled to appear on The Colbert Report on June 5th. She blogs a bit about the upcoming appearance in today’s Feministing (some internal links omitted):

Feminists for Colbert

Ever since Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem gave Stephen Colbert a little “ice cream threeway”, feminists have had a special place in their heart for Colbert. And now a new blog, Feminists for Colbert, makes it official.

And since it seems a bit serendipitous that the shirts featured on so much of the blog share a name with my book, I figured this would be a good time to mention that I’ll actually be on The Colbert Report on June 5. (Giving me just enough to build up a puke-inducing amount of nervousness.)

Here are those classic bits from the “Cooking with Feminists” episode, if you’d like to re-visit them (and who wouldn’t?):



    I. can’t. stop. watching.

  2. barenjager says:

    Jane Fonda charmed the pants off him. Well, not literally, but still.

    God that’s so fun to watch.


    The Colboards are down. There’s no one at OSCLA.

    I need to talk! OMF! I can’t stop watching tonight’s interview.

  4. Gaia Faye says:

    If Stephen got his wife flowers last time, he must’ve bought her her own personal florist this time. Can’t wait for the rerun.


    I can’t stop watching it. Thanks to DVR I’ll be playing it on a loop until 1:30am.


    P.S. Stephen’s nervous laughter and “oh my” at Jane lifting her shirt was priceless!

  7. Ms Interpreted says:

    Dear God, that was hilarious. I feel a little bad for Stephen (because of the awkwardness, not because he did anything inappropriate), but . . . cannot stop laughing.

    And thousands of fangirls are envying Ms. Fonda tonight.

    Stephen needs to consider re-naming “Thatchers”. From now on, they might need to be “Fondas”.


    I was thinking the similarly. Man, I wish I had her Thatchers!

  9. Correction, you wish you had her Fondas.

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