“The Colbert Report” welcomes a new writer: Peter Grosz

From The Chicago Sun-Times (emphasis in original):

“Misled 2,” a comedy show at IO here, has been forced to close early because Peter Grosz, one of the co-stars, has been hired to write for “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central. The final “Misled” show will be March 23.

Grosz starred in Second City shows and may be familiar to some for his Sonic burger commercials. Other Chicago-trained writers Stephen Colbert has plucked from our midst include Allison Silverman (recently promoted to the show’s co-executive producer), Peter Gwinn and Laura Krafft.

Congratulations, Peter, and good luck in your new role!


  1. Congrats to Grosz on landing the dream job of all dream jobs, IMO.

  2. I am incredibly jealous, but happy for someone for him too. Great gig to land.

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