Looking to buy Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream? We’ve got a map!

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No Fact Zone gets the scoop – Breaking the Americone Dream story

The original exclusive story was given to us anonymously by a ‘Colbert Report’/Stephen Colbert fan who just happened to work for Whole Foods corporate and had to share the good news with the fans. She had been a fan of this blog for months, so as soon as she found out about it she started leaking tips to our blog. Here’s the history of the Colbert Ice Cream story as reported by NoFactZone.net:

1/7/2007 – The Original Rumor
1/31/2007 – The first leak from a Whole Foods employee
2/1/2007 – What the flavor consisted of and the name
2/2/2007 – The first released pictures of the carton art [EXCLUSIVE!]
2/6/2007 – Ben & Jerry’s reply to NoFactZone.net about the rumors
2/16/2007 – Ben & Jerry’s press release on ice cream story

All information about the Stephen Colbert ice cream story, including the picture accompanied in this blog post, was leaked to us by our source from Whole Foods corporate, NOT by Ben & Jerry’s corporate as was erroneously reported in multiple blogs.

After our story was picked up by Salon.com, the story was picked up by numerous high-profile blogs and news sources, such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, BoingBoing, VH1’s Best Week Ever, OhNoTheyDidn’t, OliverWillis.com, Comedy Central Insider’s blog and Fark.com.

Ben & Jerry’s PR guru Sean Greenwood has been very kind to us and we owe him an immense Thank You for all he has done for us.

STORY BEHIND THE MAP: I had been going to a plethora of grocery stores in the Dallas area trying to find who is carrying ‘Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream’ in the Dallas area. I thought, man, wouldn’t it be great if we had a MAP that listed all the different places that the heroes of the Colbert Nation had been able to purchase the ice cream?

With that idea in mind, I found a program online called Your GMap that creates a map with the Google Map software. It seems to be working great! So I made an Americone Dream map and put a marker on my one store where I’ve found the ice cream. I want Colbert fans to have a resource in place for people to search for the closest location where the ice cream is known to be for sale.

We updated the maps for months, but while the information in the map is still fairly accurate, we are no longer accepting submissions for updates. If you don’t see a store in your city on the map, you might want to try one of these chains, where multiple sightings have occurred throughout the country:

Also check out the recently updated Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Locator!

If you’re in Canada, I’d think about making a border run since I’ve been told by some pretty reliable sources that it’s not going to be sold in Canada.



  1. Brendan of Wollongong NSW says:

    How about a Free Trade Agreement with Australia to supply Americone Dream downunder? Sounds like good diplomacy and foreign policy to me. Aussie Prime Minister John Howard has been a staunch supporter of American President George Bush and his War of Terror, so how about some sweet ice-creamy goodness in return? Give some to the American kids, as well, who will miss out on healthcare due to President Bush’s veto. Everyone knows icecream — especially Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream — can cure anything.

  2. Is it even anywhere outside of the states not in the Ben and Jerrys store, like a grocery store or something cause i cant find it anywhere

  3. Ms Interpreted says:

    Levithian, et al,

    Unfortunately, I have not heard of it being sold outside of the United States. The Ben & Jerry’s FAQ under “Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream” still states, “[S]orry international folks no International Colbert yet”, and our own Senior Canadian Correspondent was also told that there were no existing plans to introduce the flavor outside of the U.S.

    That said,

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