SUNY College at Brockport asks its students: Where do you get your news?

Another “More yunguns get their news from ‘The Daily Show’ than any other news source” articles. But this one has a cute little political cartoon to go with it.

From The SUNY College at Brockport’s “Stylus Campus Talk”:

Serious effects of humorous news

Courtesy of the Brockport Stylus (SUNY Brockport)

When it comes to reliable information, comedy isn’t funny

Apathy about current events among students is indisputably common. Knowledge of recent affairs is typically gleaned from comedic sources such as Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” or Steve Colbert of “The Colbert Report.” We’re not knocking these shows, we love them too, but it’s unfortunate students don’t take more of an interest in professional news sources, whether it be The Washington Post, NPR, CNN or The Associated Press online.

Sadly, this problem isn’t limited to students – indifference is becoming an American epidemic. We can’t help

but be wary of this trend, which undervalues the importance of the right and ability to be informed.

Some people see fake news shows as harmless entertainment, but they are too popular to be dismissed. Celebrities and politicians appear on these programs regularly. Why did presidential candidate Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware appear on “The Daily Show” to explain himself after referring to fellow candidate Senator Barack Obama of Illinois as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”? He probably chose this venue because of its vast fan base.

So why do Americans flock to programs such as “The Colbert Report” rather than “Meet the Press?” These shows have a humorous element that makes them undeniably attractive. After a long day, people are more likely to seek lighthearted viewpoints than serious discussion. Also, these shows have celebrity guests who appeal to viewers. Peer pressure is also partly to blame. Attempting to watch the news would take away from a roommates’s MTV/VH1 viewing time, and if she misses Flava-Flav you might get hurt. Not to mention, ever since Katie Couric had a colonoscopy on television we have avoided network news.

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  1. Gaia Faye says:

    I have yet to see a cartoon version of Jon that actually looks like him.

  2. I’m getting tired of this meme. I would bet that the number of people who don’t care about the news is a constant percentage – people aren’t turning to network news because it’s become a wasteland. \

    I watch DS/CR because I know what’s going on and I think they do a great job of making it funny and they often have extremely complex insights on current events.

    But if some people who don’t care about the news watch them, at least they’re hearing about the news somehow.

  3. I hear that. It’s just been a REALLLLY slow news day, and sometimes we don’t have much to work with. Besides … cute cartoon!

  4. Just over and around 1 million is what these shows average … people are not flocking, more people get their fake news from O’Reilly which is really scary!

  5. The article claims that we watch John and Colbert because of its humorous element at the end of a long day, and we dont want to be bombarded with serious news. I’ll admit that humour is good, but I watch because they tell it like it is. When all the other news programs (don’t get me started on CNN) broadcast there general news, always seeming to be behind the president, John and Colbert expose the stories for just how useless the American government is.

  6. vbabe_moon says:

    ok aside from having a little freak out that my post has gotten all way here, I think we are all a little tired of this but I found this article to at least aprove of the news that we do get from the Daily Show and the Colbert Report and it provided solutions that, although campus specific, are viable and helpful.

    oh and you didn’t include the best picture! Stephen isn’t on it, but suspiciously, all the “real” news anchors are sporting the Col-brow!

  7. vbabe_moon says:

    shoot, i forgot the link >

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