And the cherry on top of the Colbert ice cream scoop? Pics!

Editor’s Note:

This is the post that is linked to most often in outside news reports, so I have been adding new information as it is acquired into this post. The original exclusive story was given to us anonymously by a ‘Colbert Report’/Stephen Colbert fan who just happened to work for Whole Foods corporate and had to share the good news with the fans. She had been a fan of this blog for months, so as soon as she found out about it she started selling the business for free, so to speak, and began leaking tips to our blog. Here’s the history of the Colbert Ice Cream story as reported by

1/7/2007 – The Original Rumor
1/31/2007 – The first leak from a Whole Foods employee
2/1/2007 – What the flavor consisted of and the name
2/2/2007 – This post – the first released pictures of the carton art
2/6/2007 – Ben & Jerry’s reply to about the rumors
2/16/2007 – Ben & Jerry’s press release on ice cream story

All information about the Stephen Colbert ice cream story, including the picture accompanied in this blog post, was leaked to us by our source from Whole Foods corporate, NOT by Ben & Jerry’s corporate as was erroneously reported in multiple blogs.

After our story was picked up by, the story was picked up by numerous high-profile blogs and news sources, such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, BoingBoing, MidwestSportsFans.ComVH1’s Best Week Ever, OhNoTheyDidn’t,, Comedy Central Insider’s blog and

Ben & Jerry’s PR guru Sean Greenwood has been very kind to us and we owe him an immense Thank You for all he has done for us.

Ok, so this anonymous source that has been leaking me all kinds of good information about the Stephen Colbert ice cream leaked us ….


From the last comment we got in the original post:

    To finally wrap up this ice cream scoop … I bribed one of our graphic designers to take a photo of Americone Dream. Just sent it to you, DB. To answer the question of where you can get it: nowhere as of yet. This was a packaging sample, not a live product sample; the pint is actually empty. Though that hasn’t stopped a constant stream of coworkers from stopping by my office to touch it reverently, as though it were the Shroud of Turin. [Editor’s note: Tee hee!]

I don’t want to shamelessly plug my company so I won’t get too specific, but I will say you can expect to see this on the shelves of your favorite international natural foods chain in April. Not sure if every store will pick it up, but they’d be crazy not to, and you can always request it if you can’t find it. I imagine the conventional chains will also make it available in select markets. Can’t wait for a summer full of Colbert-flavored ice cream!

Check this OUT!

Nifty, huh?


  1. I’m I too fargone as a fangirl if I squeal at the sight of a carton?

    Oh well, what the hell… I love it!

  2. full of the Truth….and saturated fat. But mostly the Truth.

  3. :D Thanks so much for this amazing review

  4. April makes me think it’s an April Fool’s thing.

  5. Oh, I never said it was real. I just said a tipster, from a very real high-end natural food store’s corporate IP, who first did a search for “stephen colbert” “ice cream”, was sending me tips. It’s entirely possible it was some sick elaborate joke to make me look like a fool.

    But I’m kind of hoping it’s some corporate suits who decided to go viral by publicizing the ice cream on grassroots blogs like mine. I’d much rather be a corporate tool than a gullible idiot.

  6. AWESOME!!! Yes for the power of The Nation! Stephen is awesome and so deserves this!!!

  7. Is there nothing on the actual Ben & Jerry’s site about this? If it is just a prank it’s pretty elaborate. Or perhaps somebodyis just good with Photoshop.

    They should release it on the anniversary of the WHCD.

  8. Nope, nothing official yet from Ben & Jerry’s.

  9. My guess as to the identity of “your favorite international natural foods chain”:

    “Whole Foods Market® is the world’s leading retailer of natural and organic foods, with stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom.” (from their website)

    There’s one near me! Squee!

    (And I refuse to even entertain the idea that this could be a joke! No way!)

  10. JessicaFaith says:

    *blinks* *is speechless*


    When will April come?

    I want some now!!! :D

  12. My first thought on the flavour:

    Where’s the banana?

    I’ll get my coat… :)

  13. No BLT flavor?

  14. If none of this shows up on the show we will know that it is real and he is unable to mention it due to contracts. If it does show up on the show then it is a fake…unless by putting it on the show, B&J’s actually decides to take up the idea and then it would be real. Either way, facts just get in the way.

  15. that makes me so hungry

  16. I hope this makes it to the UK. I need my icey-cold truthiness.

  17. eric walsh says:

    more hype, more money in unilever’s deep pockets. kaching!

  18. I’m hungry for vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl…OF THE TRUTH.

  19. Mmmmm…. creamy truthiness!!!

  20. i know every dumbass will say this for a rumored product, but i think it looks shopped

  21. Real or not, will a flavour for Jon Stewart be created next to keep the rivalry going?

  22. Justin Kase says:

    There is no way this is real. It contains “Fudge Covered Waffle Cone Pieces.” Stephen Colbert would not allow waffle cone pieces! He never waffles! Waffling is un-american!

  23. Justin Kase says:

    waffle… hehe, fun word…

  24. This blog says the flavor hasn’t been decided yet and the photo may be a prank. It explains why and makes a good case, plus, it’s holding a contest for free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

  25. @Phil:

    I honestly don’t think it’s a prank or ‘shopped. I do, however, have a feeling it may only be a prototype design since the carton didn’t actually contain any ice cream. I do feel certain that there will be an ice cream, and we do only have to wait a month or two for it to come out. We’ll just have to see.

  26. i think if it was fake, it would be alot crazier. like red white and blue ice cream with bald eagle feathers mixed in. 2 scoops in every carton!

    this would actually be a pretty good flavor.

  27. This is almost certainly a fake and I think fans of COlbert are jumping too quick. What has Stephen said about it?

    I think any ice cream for Stephen would have to be vanilla with cherries and blueberries – red, white and blue!

    what do you think? i started a dicussion on my blog (which was named by Stephen Colbert):

  28. @phil:

    What do I think? Are you serious?

    I’m not sure how to react to you without a) again defending the point that I have shown in many ways to be very probable via multiple posts and comments, and b) dismissing your concerns without pointing out your undue negativity. But I will give it my best shot.

    I think that this carton is real because of a lot of different reasons, mostly because of the communication I had with Ben and Jerry’s and with my original source from Whole Foods. And the hint that this was coming months ago from a reliable source on another blog who is related to one of the writers of the show (which we blogged about at the time it was mentioned). And the communication that had with Ben and Jerry’s. And the fact that it seems very improbable to me that someone would come up with an ice cream flavor, do an AMAZING photoshop job of a Ben and Jerry’s carton, spoof an IP address and an e-mail address from Whole Foods corporate headquaters, do a search on “stephen colbert ice cream” from this spoofed Whole Foods IP that was recorded on my Sitemeter, find my blog, leak multiple types of information about this ice cream including the carton, and then confirm via a Whole Foods e-mail that this is not the only ice cream flavor that is coming out that is celebrity-centered.

    Yes, I have ANOTHER carton mock-up featuring ANOTHER celebrity, but it’s not something I feel is appropriate to share. I also have corresponded more with the Whole Foods contact than I have shared publicly on my blog, but I was asked to keep the correspondence confidential due to the fact that this employee is in a bit of hot water for leaking what she did. She’s simply a fan who wanted to get the word out. Is that so hard to believe?

    I’ve done my fact-checking to the best of my ability, and you’re just going to have to give a little trust here. I wouldn’t put it on my blog if I didn’t feel it had at least a possibility of being true.

    But it’s not up to me to make you believe anything.

    The idea of this blog is to celebrate Colbert, and if you choose to be negative about a celebration, even if it’s a fun one and even if it’s one that can’t be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (although it is one with which I feel is what it says it is from the person who sent me the original information and picture), then that becomes your concern.

    I do, however, believe you need to proof your links as I can’t seem to find your blog anywhere with the link you provided.

    And – it’s ice cream. If you want to get negative and confrontational, it might be better to pick a more suitable subject, such as the abuses of large oil corporations, or poverty in the inner cities, or the slaughters in Dafur. This blog is for entertainment purposes. We are here to heap adoration on Stephen Colbert. That’s all.

  29. Hm. It was mentioned on VH1’s Best Week Ever…it better be real! >_

  30. Uh-oh DB, you do realize that the mention of “another celebrity ice cream” is going to make everybody think that there is also a Jon Stewart or a Bill O’Reilly companion ice cream coming out, don’t you? Better nip that concept in the bud right now! Personally, I wouldn’t like a Stewart ice cream; I imagine it would taste a little bitter. And O’Reilly would kill on contact.

    I admire your respect for confidentiality. Thank you!

  31. Bring some RIGHT NOW!

  32. double scoop says:


    Chock full of Justice, and liberty for only 4.99!

  33. I don’t know where you live, but in Dallas, TX a B&J pint is only $3.49 at Whole Foods, maybe about $3.19 at Wal-Mart.

  34. Seeker of Truthiness says:

    I latched onto a pint of Americone Dream at my local Tom Thumb supermarket.

    14999 Preston Road
    Dallas, TX 75240

    Tom Thumb is a regional chain, and they’ve always carried all B&J flavors, so it’s very likely that any Tom Thumb would carry it.

    The truthiness not only tastes feels good going down, but leaves a lovely aftertaste!
    Belch and spread the truthiness with those around you, perhaps in a crowded elevator!

  35. Seeker of Truthiness says:

    OK… I jumped on this bandwagon BEFORE reading any of the blog, and now I feel like a complete ‘tard!

    You’re in Dallas, so I’m sure you’re aware of Tom Thumb.

    Oh well. It’s still mighty fine!

  36. @Seeker of Truthiness:

    Yes, but others might not be. So it’s good that you explain these things.

    And mapped it! :)

  37. EvilDevil says:

    It tastes like freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!

  38. IrishBuddhist says:

    Nation, believe me when I say this is without a doubt, the best ice cream you’ll ever eat. Packed full of truthiness and freedom, it is fabulous!

    (Seriously, I LOVE this stuff!)

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