Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist (January 31, 2007)

Here’s your fix of Stephen-centric news for the day.

Stephen Colbert and Wikipedia

  • Colbert Nation, 2; Wikipedia, 0 – Blog P.I. is not amused by Stephen’s Wikipedia attacks [Editor’s note: A “War on Wikipedia”?]: “If you consider yourself a fan of both Wikipedia and ‘The Colbert Report,’ a kind of cognitive dissonance is inescapable times [sic] — and Monday night was one of those times.

    . . .

    You have to be a loser with no life — or a late-night comedian and his his unblinking minions — to think vandalizing Wikipedia is a good idea. And it provides further evidence for all the comparisons to ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ Colbert’s program is not just a parody of O’Reilly’s fanbase, it is the mob they presume to be parodying.”

  • Rational Rants: – begs to differ: “Wikipedia is just one of the most prominent social production experiments, not the be all and end all of socially produced knowledge. It’s actually fortunate to have Mr. Colbert egging people on to commit the kind of ribald bad behavior Wikipedia’s ‘five pillars’ community guidelines invite through vague and largely negative language (you learn more about behavior Wikipedia members should avoid and what the site is not: ‘not a trivia collection, a soapbox, a vanity publisher, an experiment in anarchy or democracy, or a web directory.’)

    Good natured transgressions, like any good satire, also fuels reflection about the nature of social production and its weaknesses, especially the fact that people are involved. Constant critical (and satirical) examination is Wikipedia’s greatest asset, because it will eventually produce the kind of voluntary behavior that makes the site a comprehensive record of human knowledge with more than one currently ascendant perspective.”

  • Hiring Stephen Colbert to Help with Wikipedia NoFollow Campaign – Marketing Pilgrim wants to recruit him: “I think I’ve just discovered the new spokesman for our ‘Nofollow me to Wikipedia’ campaign – Stephen Colbert.

    As Rand points out, Colbert has already taken many stabs at Wikipedia – even getting his viewers to change the entry on ‘elephants’ to say the population has tripled in the past ten years. His latest funnies include:

      Wikipedia – The encyclopedia where you can be an authority, even if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    My favorite is when he offers $5 to the first person who changes the entry on ‘reality’ to ‘reality is a commodity’. Then mocks all those the might say ‘that’s not what reality is’…

      ‘Oh really? Go and look it up on Wikipedia, I think you’ll find that I’m right.'”

Gratuitous Name Dropping

  • Religion After Freud – Huffington Post: “If we stop to think about it, there is, to use Stephen Colbert’s term, a certain ‘truthiness’ to Freud’s theories.”
  • Our Take: SGA survives ’07 – (University of Georgia): “The Red & Black congratulates the Student Government Association on making it out of the election alive – but, we warn its members to not give themselves too many pats on the back . . . In the spirit of ‘The Colbert Report,’ we’re putting SGA on our Red & Black watch list and giving it a stern wag of the finger.”
  • Ch. 5 exit: No Joyella in MudvilleNew York Daily News: “Each day on ‘GDNY,’ Joyella would be given a ‘mission’ by anchors Ron Corning and Jodi Applegate, that required him to act silly or request odd stuff from passersby.

    ‘For whatever reason, people seem to think it’s fun,’ Joyella told The News when he started the morning gig. ‘I enjoy the stuff where I can tap into my inner Jon Stewart or [Stephen] Colbert and come up with lines I think are funny.'”

  • Richard Ashcroft: Keys to the World – Pitchfork Record Review – Pitchfork: “Before Keys to the World, I never knew our world’s problems could be presented so laughably by anyone not named Stephen Colbert.”
  • I Like Superheroes, But…* (Part 1 in a possible series; no guarantees) – Comic Book Resources: “*I was just testing your sarcasm detectors. Although if they had the balls to not only make a Daredevil sequel but make the Owl the villain, I’d have to watch it out of admiration. Because that’s Colbert-worthy ballsiness right there.”

Other odds and ends

  • A shower of bloggards – The Irish Echo Online: “The Blogorrah team is keen to get involved with the election; their next step is to start up a more politically-based Irish blog, akin to the Huffington Post, that will give Irish bloggers a forum in which to discuss and openly debate political matters.

    ‘We’re huge fans of ‘The Daily Show,’ we’re huge fans of Colbert, huge fans of the Onion,’ said O’Connor.

    ‘There’s not a lot of great satire in Ireland at the moment. Back in the ’70s you had the some, but now it’s quite patchy, very hit and miss.'”

  • The liberals and the liars – The Daily Collegian (U Mass): “If you haven’t seen the particularly hilarious ‘Colbert Report’ featuring Bill O’ Reilly as a guest, then you need to get on the Internet and have a look. Colbert treated this personal blowhard for President Bush like his own personal punching bag; continually outfoxing O’Reilly intellectually and making him into a hack. During the interview, O’Reilly looked like Shawn Merriman during the Patriots’ game: enraged that he was completely impotent.”
  • Ask Chicagoist: Why Are They Called the Bears? – Chicagoist: “So why the Bears? Well, we pay strict attention to Stephen Colbert, so we firmly believe there’s no better animal to scare away any and all opponents (especially horses). And, you know, all those wild bears running rampant around the Loop made the name pretty obvious.”
  • From National Gorilla Suit Day to NYCC – Publisher’s – The Beat (The News Blog of Comics Culture): “According to scuttlebutt, the NYCC panel schedule will be out any minute now. A few of them are leaking out here and there. The news about Stephen Colbert doing a signing rocked the world, eclipsing even the arrival of such con stalwarts as Frank Miller, Michael Uslan and a bunch of BUFFY stars.”
  • Cable news auds up in JanuaryVariety: “‘The O’Reilly Factor’ continued its run as the highest-rated cable news show with an average of 2.5 million viewers a night, up 5%, padded thanks to a highly rated appearance by Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert.”


  1. And it provides further evidence for all the comparisons to ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ Colbert’s program is not just a parody of O’Reilly’s fanbase, it is the mob they presume to be parodying.”

    Nailed it. I made this exact same point on the Colboard. (You can guess how effective it was.)

  2. You missed that other Pitchfork news item…The Decemberists totally rip off the Colbert Crochet Challenge. I’m hoping that Colbert actually announces such a challenge just to mess up Pitchfork now.

  3. GlennBecksATool says:

    Loser with no life? ha Yea, hes one to talk-calling himself the Blog P.I. Give me a break…

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