O’Reilly: “It will be fun”

The great pundit faceoff is nearly upon us. What does “Papa Bear” have to say about the upcoming interviews? Well, he believes that “Stephen” will have the upper hand, since taping of The Colbert Report will take place after the taping for The O’Reilly Factor, and “A guy like Colbert can play it anyway he can play it.”

The New York Daily News has some further details:

It’s ‘Factor’ vs. actor: O’Reilly faces Colbert
Published: January 18, 2007

Bill O’Reilly said no to interviewing Sacha Baron Cohen in character as Borat, but he’s willing to interview Stephen Colbert in character as, well, O’Reilly.

. . .

“Borat had nothing to do with me,” O’Reilly said yesterday, explaining why he said no to Cohen’s fake newsman and yes to Colbert. “[Colbert] has made a career out of lampooning me.”

. . .

The idea of the interviews came up about two months ago, according to O’Reilly, when he was approached to go on the Comedy Central show.

“I said yes, but he needs to come on my show,” O’Reilly said.

. . .

He’s also cool with Colbert using him for inspiration.

“I think it’s fine,” O’Reilly said. “I’m a prominent person in the media. I think satire is very, very entertaining for any society to have. I have never had a problem with it as long as it’s not mean-spirited, and I don’t think he is.”

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  1. This answers the big question I had – Will Stephen Colbert be Stephen or “Stephen” on the show? Now we know the answer.

    I swear, my head is going to EXPLODE tonight between new “Ugly Betty”, “The Office” and Colbert on O’Reilly all at the same time.

  2. tvcasualty says:

    Gah, O’Reilly is so self-important it makes me want to puke! Tonight is gonna be so awesome!

  3. I think my dorm might just shun me if I sneak away to watch the Fox News channel … but if Stephen is on, oh, I hope it’ll be worth it!

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