O’Reilly still doesn’t like “liberal press”

First there were rumors that Bill O’Reilly was going to be coming to ‘The Colbert Report’. Now it looks like O’Reilly might be picking a fight before the show even starts. Are we looking at the start of Guitarmageddon II? Does this too smack of intervention from Nick Sylvester?

From Online Conservative Weekly:

A Free Press? In Your Dreams
by Bill O’Reilly
Posted Jan 06, 2007

Here are two entertainment predictions for 2007 that you can immediately take to the bank. First, Al Gore’s global-warming documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” will win an Oscar, and second, the Dixie Chicks will win a Grammy for their latest album.

Everybody in the entertainment industry knows the truth of what I’m predicting, but few of them would find it inconvenient. And here’s another truism: The media define American culture, and those doing the defining are almost all liberal or far-left individuals.

As Hyman Roth once asked Al Pacino’s character in “Godfather II”: “What does that tell you, Michael?”

It tells me the fix is in.

Unfortunately, the pool of well-informed, clear-thinking Americans is shrinking, and the rise of ideological popular culture is beginning to influence the debate. Entertainers like Jon Stewart, David Letterman, and Stephen Colbert have become purveyors of information for many young Americans. Also, the pronounced left-wing media “group think” inhibits dissenting points of view. The result is that many “secular-progressives” are considered heroes in the press. And the dreaded “neo-cons” are certainly the villains.


  1. GlennBecksATool says:

    Ohhh, that O’reilly… such a ‘lil tease.

  2. and, to think, I sent O’Reilly to Bellvue….

  3. AlaskaRavenclaw says:

    Does this mean O’Reilly’s finally figured out that the Colbert Report isn’t the rightwing answer to The Daily Show?

  4. Amanda R. says:

    I hope O’Reilly gets owned on The Daly Show or the Colbert Report! This pompous fool needs to be shown up.

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