Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist (12/6/2006)

It finally feels like winter here in Dallas, so I’m sitting here in front of my space heater, tummy full of oatmeal, enjoying my flannel nighties. And with that mental image in your head, here’s Stephen Colbert all over the wintry zeitgeist for Wednesday, December 6, 2006.


  • Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Will Wright’s Visit to the Colbert Report – “Last night, Stephen Colbert found out something we’ve known for a long time: Will Wright is one of the most engagingly polymathic interviewees around. Electronic Arts invited us to shadow Wright, the creator of Sim City and The Sims, for his appearance on “The Colbert Report.” And so off we went, using our drive time with Will in the back of a black town car to get an update on his much anticipated new game, Spore.”
  • Will Wright on The Colbert Report…. – “The Will Wright, creator of the Sims, SimCity, & the soon (not) to be released Spore, was on The Colbert Report. Pretty interesting to hear what he has to say, particularly his “spreadsheet of your life.” Colbert is out of his mind, completely utterly brilliantly insane. Will gets into Spore a little bit and gives a release date of second half 2007. Spore is going to be an interesting game, I really hope it actually lives up to the hype.”
  • Will Wright – Behind The Scenes YouTube Video (This was a 5-part series, but apparently parts 2-5 have been “removed by the user.” Oops.)

Who’s Honoring Stephen Now?

  • Praiseworthy performances make memorable year – Daily Texan (University of Texas): “The man, the myth, the legend, Stephen Colbert and his unique brand of truthiness serve as the voice of a generation growing weary of the direction the U.S. government has taken. His biting satire was never as sharp as in April when, as the keynote speaker at the annual White House Press Correspondents Dinner, he compared the current administration to the Hindenburg, was chased by Helen Thomas and flipped-off a Supreme Court Justice. After his controversial speech garnered him national attention, he pulled no punches on his late-night show, “The Colbert Report.” A few highlights: getting the Hungarian government to name a bridge after him, singing a duet with Barry Manilow, baking an apple pie with Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, and a recent favorite, having a Helen Keller impersonator reenact the famous scene from “The Miracle Worker” with his name in place of the word “water.” Colbert’s fan club, The Colbert Nation, has devoured every word of Colbert’s bold rhetoric, and will continue to do so as he soars like his majestic “son,” bald eagle Stephen Jr.”
  • Brokaw Praises Obama, Stewart & Colbert, Attacks Reagan for Neglecting ‘Mother Earth’ – NewsBusters: “[Tom] Brokaw: “As you know, I’m a big fan. I’ve been on the show, both shows a lot, and I think anything that can you do to bring people into the discussion of it, and there’s so many essential truths that you see on Jon Stewart and on Stephen, that it`s useful to society to have a broader point of view. There are, there are more facts and more truths told in the first eight minutes of The Daily Show than most political news conferences in Washington.””

If you liked the Stephen Colbert bridge, you’ll love …

  • Can electronic democracy pass the Ringo test? – “Oh no it wouldn’t. It was announced that Colbert had won but couldn’t have the bridge named after him unless he spoke fluent Hungarian and was deceased. The comedian felt unable to comply with the latter condition and the Hungarian Geographical Name Committee duly named the structure the Megyeri Hid.”

Late Night State of the Union

  • In late-night, news gains as yuks fade – Media Life Magazine: “In recent weeks, NBC’s longtime No. 1 “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and CBS’s No. 2 “Late Show with David Letterman” have both been down or flat in total viewers and adults 18-49. Meanwhile, ABC’s “Nightline” and Comedy Central’s faux news programs “Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” have been rising.”

Gratuitous Name Dropping

  • Bushputin – Huffington Post: “In 2004, both men won re-election. Now here’s where their political fortunes diverge. The Russian leader enjoys a whopping 60% approval rating–nearly double that of Bush. Maybe that’s why Stephen Colbert sardonically announced that he was supporting Putin in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.”
  • Confronting Tough Issues of Race – ABC News: “Pretending everyone is colorblind is a running joke on America’s comedy shows. “Now I don’t see race, people tell me I’m white and I believe them because I belong to an all-white country club,” Steven Colbert recently quipped on his show, “The Colbert Report.””
  • New Guest Film: Worthy of Consideration? – Lumino Magazone: “While watching “For Your Consideration,” the new film by Christopher Guest, I found myself repeatedly thinking of comedian Stephen Colbert, and his show, “The Colbert Report.” Specifically, I came back to two concepts popularized on that program: the first being “wikiality,” the idea that a viewpoint, when expressed prominently enough (particularly on a website like Wikipedia), can be mistaken for fact. The second concept is “truthiness,” which essentially means that the emotional impact of a “fact” is more important than whether or not it is technically true.”

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