Episode 2150 (11/30/2006)

“Hey, TV Land catchphrase contest, try this one on for size – This is The Colbert Report!”

Kramer vs Everybody: Stephen running for president, Vilsack Attack!

Special Guest: PK Winsome

Exhibit “I”: Official Stephen Colbert Merchandise, Alabama Miracle: The Making of Colbert County’s The Stephen Colbert Museum & Gift Shop (Part III: The Morning After) (Part 3 1/2: When Dreams Die)

My Name is Lupica: Mike Lupica, sports writer, Author – ‘Miracle on 49th Street’

Guest plug:

In closing: For my viewers in prison, don’t forget to carve that wall notch.

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  • Apparently this joker thinks running a state populated mostly by corn qualifies him to govern people. But as the only official candidate, he is currently the presidential frontrunner.
  • Love the Vilsack Attack Corn graphic!
  • Iowastatefairgate
  • You’re gonna wish your sack never got anywhere near a run for the White House. Oh yeah, the heat is on, that corn is gonna pop!
  • People tell me I’m white and I believe them because I shop at Eddie Bauer.
  • I mean
  • Now I think there’s something really positive about this that people are missing. Look how far the quality of video phones have come. I mean, look at the picture, and the sound quality is just amazing. That was shot on a Motorola Razr V3i. They can hold up to eight racist rants plus the Rodney King beating.
  • That’s refreshing to hear. But what about the fact that they shot him 50 times?
  • Please note: The decal will not adhere to hybrids
  • Ladies, both of these are suitable for framing on your bedroom wall or … your bedroom ceiling. He doesn’t need to know who you’re looking at over his shoulder.
  • The Joe Scarborougheum
  • All of you people are on notice, Congratulations, none of you have any balls!
  • Grand Closing
  • Helen Keller was a Communist!
  • Steagle Colbeagle!
  • My balls, I have my balls on the table.
  • We just 409 it after every guest. It’s a fresh table.
  • If you read the sports page, you’ll see the odds are pretty good.
  • I’ve never seen a guest crack up as much or as hard as Mike Lupica. What a fanboy!

Fangirl Suit Report: Black suit, Light blue shirt with barrel cuffs, Navy Blue tie with narrow lavendar diagonal stripes.

Full set of screencaps at WonkyEar.com

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