Episode 2132 (10/17/2006)

“I know we’ve been together a year, Nation, but I would still so do you. This is The Colbert Report!”

The Year of the Eagle: One Year Anniversary, Truthiness on Oprah, New descending screen and things on string

The Wørd: Irreconcilable Differences

I Don’t: Mark Foley nonsense and replay of Democratic Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio’s 11th district

Everlasting God Stopper: Richard Dawkins, Author – “The God Dillusion”

Guest Plug:

In closing: Honoring Stephen with a new portrait

eBay.com – Auction of Colbert portrait from Year 1


  • You know what else is made of paper? Money.
  • “Oprah used MY WORD! I have affected her vocabulary, and that’s all anyone wants … is just validation … from Oprah.”
  • … And two, I have very pointy laurels
  • Look at that baby ascend … just like Jesus
  • Bobby and Whitney! Why!?
  • Stephen Intimidated by Pantsuits
  • Wow I look delicious!
  • Way to do a replay show
  • Bramlet Ambercrombie (Has problematic name)
  • I saw it last night in my apartment on fire.
  • That smirk … bwahahaha!
  • On a happy note, Bramlet and Sharon are back together
  • October 17th, 1985 marked the debut performance of Stephen Colbert’s Punditry Players. They opened their first review, “Mandela Overboard! An Undergraduate’s Look at Apartheid.”
  • Stephen Hawking – is he going to Hell too?
  • Your book started out great. It has a shiny silver cover and I can see my face in it.
  • We’re all just monkeys, we should fornicate and throw our feces.
  • I want you to address my Pachinko analogy.
  • I totally want to be a scientist in the field of Colbertology – or at least a prominent Historian

Fangirl Suit Report: Navy suit, Light blue shirt with french cuffs and round silver cufflinks, Mustard yellow patterned tie

Full set of screencaps at WonkyEar.com

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