Google loves me … sort of

Just for fun I Googled “No Fact Zone” (in quotes). And this humble site is the #1 site for that search! Whoo Hoo! USA! USA! USA!

Of course, I can’t find my site at all under searches for “Stephen Colbert” or “Colbert Report.” (sigh) Oh, well, baby steps, right?


  1. Where do you rank on "Stephen Colbert fan site?" I somehow have made it up to #2, which is impressive. It's even funnier because the site title is "The #2 Colbert Report fan site" (since when I started my site it was the only "unofficial" one.)

  2. Ah. Heh. I'm only #2 when logged into my Google account. Otherwise, I'm #13.

    Damn you, Google!

  3. Oddly enough, the board for this site is on the first page for "stephen colbert fan", but this actual site is nowhere to be seen.

  4. I would guess that phpbbnow is involved in that somehow.

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