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Posts like the Wexler one I just did are the reason I became a Colbert blogger. I love to dig and research and find facts, finding ways to scoop other web sites, other news sites, and other blogs. When I first began to research Colbert on the web, long before this web site was a reality, I would find clusters of related articles like this and wish to share it with the world who might also find these things entertaining. And now here I am. Having a ball.

Wait … oops. This is the No Fact Zone. Should I be doing this much documentation? I guess it would be better if I said that I feel the truthiness that what Colbert did was right for the eyes of the Colbert Nation. Because, as we all know, reality has a very liberal bias.

Also, I just wanted to say that this post will be the last one until probably Saturday night at the earliest and possibly Sunday afternoon at the latest. I don’t want to get into the gory details, but I have been spending a lot of time with this web site for the past few days to get it up and running, to the neglect of my Dearly Beloved as well as my house, my cats, my exercise regimen, my sleep, and my work. I’m not saying I am not enjoying the hell out of keeping this site, I’m just saying that I need to do a load of dishes or two and sweep the floor and scoop the litter box before I come home and my cats are standing on a pile of Fresh Step boxes, waving a French flag and singing “Though we die, La Resistance lives oooooonnnnn!” (I was going to make a Les Misérables reference, but I though that the Southpark lyrics had more comedic oomph.)

On Sunday, I plan on adding more links and files to the reference pages of this site. I have a ton of other things I want to do, too, such as make sure that my web site map is referenced in Google, and e-mail some of the other related sites to see if I can get a little cross-promotion thing going (I link to you, you link to me type action). I also plan on working on getting some cool little graphics for people to use as Link To Me buttons. While I have full confidence in this site being not only comprensive but also authoritative and popular, I have to find ways to get the word out without looking like a pimp. Cause it’s hard out here for a (webmaster) pimp. Fo shizzle! Please feel free to link to me in your own blog, and let me know if you are linking here so I can feel the love.

I actually have this cool spiral notebook, on recycled banana paper because I’m a treehugger like that, filled with ideas for this site. This is only the beginning, my friends. And you get to witness the genesis of it all. Lucky you.

Thank you for your support and I’ll see you tomorrow or Sunday.


  1. I have mentioned your site on Truthiness.


  2. I appreciate that. I'm going to work on links this weekend and I'll add yours most definitely!

  3. Hi there,

    My comment preceded yours last night. I blogged about it here and mirrored it here.

    We should talk, for last night I bought two URLs of misspelled that COMEDY CENTRAL neglected to pick up and they're doozies.

    I must be careful and am talking to my lawyer about what I can do, but you'll see after reading my blog post that I'm very reverent, respect and love Stephen, know a couple of people at Comedy Central and had the pleasure of meeting Michael Moore at a taping of the Daily Show on Valentine's day.

    As an artist, writer and 30 year advertising professional I'm going to use these well, but mostly they will serve to draw traffic to here

    I'm lobbying Stephen to redesign his site properly AND let us redesign his sucky shirts. Please, no hate mail from whoever designed this. I'm sorry if I've hurt someone's feelings.

    Ok. We should talk. Your site fucking rocks. I'd love to design you a new banner. You can find links to my CVs among the blogs.

    Looking forward to speaking.


  4. I did notice recently that had not been bought.

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